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Shelbyville Psychiatrist Alex Fider Disciplined by State

Alex Abelardo Sarmiento Fider, aka Alex Fider, was discplined by the State of Tennessee Medical board in November 2017. The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners found him:

Guilty of repeatedly meeting with patients in a public place for their appointments. Unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct. (pdf)

For this he had his license reprimanded and was assessed a civil penalty of $1,250.00, plus costs.

Unprofessional Conduct

So where in public did he meet with patients? A library perhaps? A quiet coffee shop? Apparently homeless or perhaps officeless, he thought it would be a good idea to meet at a Hardee’s restaurant, and did so at least five times throughout 2016.


Fider graduated in April 1978 from Far Eastern University, Manila (in the Philippines). He did his psychiatry residency at Meharry Medical College from July 1991 to June 1995.

When Will Enough Be Enough?

Fider has a long history of run-ins with the law as well as the Medical Board.

In 2009 he was placed on probation for three years after the Board found him:

Guilty of unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct; and convictions of a felony, conviction of any offense under state or federal drug laws, or convictions of any offense involving moral turpitude. (pdf)

What was his offense at the time? In 2006, he was charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder for shooting at a car with children in it. From the order:

The medical review site gives a bit more information about the penalties levied against Alex Fider:

The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners on 05-20-2009 placed [Alex Fider] on probation for a period of three years subject to completion of the Living Centered Program recommended by the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program, psychotherapy, and payment of a civil penalty. The physician had pled guilty on 03-10-2009 to reckless aggravated assault, a felony, relating to a road rage incident where the physician fired a gun striking another vehicle containing children.

For that incident, he also surrendered his California license in November 2009.

After getting his probation lifted in 2012, he was back at it again in 2014 when the Board of Medical Examiners found him:

Guilty of unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct. (pdf)

This time, he obscured information on patient charts with sloppy writing. The board found it “impossible to determine whether or not the charts met the appropriate standard of care.”

Report Abuse by Alex Fider

CCHR Nashville is accepting reports of abuse. If you met with Alex Fider at a Hardee’s or any other fastfood chain, grocery store, gas station or laundromat–or if you have any other information that might be interesting or useful–please contact us.